Some 10 million people worldwide do not have a nationality and do not belong to any country in the world.  They are stateless.


According to the United Nations a stateless person is: "a person who is not considered a national by any State under the operation of its law."

ABOUTSTATELESSNESS.COM is an online portal for educators and students to explore the issue of statelessness. It utilizes the documentary photo project Nowhere People as a way to not only engage students about this global issue but also to encourage critical thinking about the connection between citizenship and nationality to larger themes such as human rights, identity, discrimination, open societies and globalization and how they apply locally. 

ABOUTSTATELESS.COM provides photographic Cases Studies, informational text, timelines and links to additional resources for students and educators to build into their curriculum. ABOUTSTATELESSNESS.COM provides thematic examples, Lesson Plans and Activities.  It dissects this complex issue and acts as a point of departure for further analysis and discussion.  



Download Lesson Plans, view and discuss specific photographs, listen to the photographer discuss his experiences and stories behind some of the photographs. 

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