Discrimination is one of the leading causes of statelessness in the world today.  Discrimination can take on many forms in regards to the issue of statelessness.  It can take on a very obvious and aggressive form, such as when large communities are deprived of their nationality based on ethnicity or religion.  Several situations around the world today are based on this form of discrimination such as in Myanmar, the Dominican Republic, Kuwait or even in some places in Europe. Discrimination can take on a more subtle form too.  The failure of a country to put priority on changing laws that could solve the situation for stateless people in their country is such an example. Thus, it is worth reminding ourselves that while states do have significant freedom to set out their own criteria for who is a citizen and who isn't a citizen, countries also have a responsibility to protect against discrimination, and to uphold international standards. Statelessness most often occurs when states fail to do so.